The costs of regulation

Who pays the registration and APC fee?

It is the individual practitioner’s responsibility to pay the registration and Annual Practicing Certificate fee. However, in New Zealand the common practice is for health practitioners who are employed to receive reimbursement of the Annual Practicing Certificate fee through negotiated employment terms and conditions.

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What do the fees cover?

The aim of the Responsible Authority is to be organised so they can register practitioners in the first year and issue APCs in the second year, although these processes may be able to be done at the same time.

This means the registration fee is the only income the RA may get for its initial period of functioning. Then the APC fee will cover all ongoing costs each year.

In year two and beyond, one of the most significant drivers of costs will be how many cases of competence, conduct and discipline the RA has to deal with. The RA does at least have to cover the initial cost of these processes.

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What are the costs of a Responsible Authority?

The costs of an Responsible Authority vary and depend on the:

  • governance and secretariat costs and how it is organised
  • number of complaints or concerns about competence they have to deal with
  • number of examinations conducted for overseas practitioners seeking registration
  • education and training programmes accredited
  • the number and complexity of discipline cases.

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Are there any other costs for the ambulance sector?

Employers may have some increased costs due to administrative requirements of making sure practitioners were registered and have current Annual Practicing Certificates. Currently in the health sector most employers pay the Annual Practicing Certificate costs of their staff, as this has been negotiated as part of the staff members’ terms and conditions.

Ambulance officers and medics would have to make sure they maintain their competence and may expect the employer to make sure continuing clinical education development is available; however this is not a new cost for most employers who currently provide these opportunities.

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Are there any financial benefits?

In the United Kingdom several schemes show sector benefits due to reduced transport rates and reducing admissions to hospitals, this in turn saves health dollars.

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