We recognise there are lots of different points of view about registration, so as part of this web site we’ve asked a range of people to share their thoughts on registration with everyone. We will be sharing a different guest blog every few days so please remember to check back here regularly.

Submission on the Inquiry into the Provision of Ambulance Services

A submission made by Brenda Costa-Scorse,Research Leader and Senior Lecturer, Para-medicine & Emergency Management, Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences, AUT to the Health Committee was published in the Journal of Emergency Primary Health Care in 2008. Click here to read the submission. This submission was also peer reviewed and the critiques from Australia, Canada and NZ can... > Read more

Guest blog from Brian Westwood

A huge thanks to Brian Westwood, a St John volunteer ILS Paramedic from Darfield, for providing this blog: Registration and volunteers The unique thing about the ambulance service as a health profession is that it is made up in bulk by volunteers, something few if any of the other... > Read more

Guest blog from Arthur Cronwright

Thank you to Arthur Cronwright, Extended Care Paramedic, Wellington Free Ambulance, for providing this blog: A comparison with South Africa   Arriving in New Zealand a couple of years ago from South Africa, I know from my experience there that registration brings true... > Read more

Guest blog from Sue Ineson

Thank you to Sue Ineson, a leading expert on registration of health professionals and on the HPCA Act for providing this blog: What is a layperson, why do we have lay people on the Board and what is their role? The definition of a "layperson" is a person who is a non-expert... > Read more

Guest blog from Mark Belchamber

Thank you to Mark Belchamber, Paramedic, Taranaki District Health Board for providing this blog:  If there is one word that encapsulates what registration and regulation means, this is it: professionalisation.   If you want a phrase, it’s ‘appropriate and... > Read more

Guest Blog from Gary Strong

Thank you to Gary Strong, Education & Training Manager, Wellington Free Ambulance, for providing this blog:   The time has come…   Around ten years ago, paramedics in the UK were debating registration and whether it was a good thing. Most of us thought it was,... > Read more