Useful Links

Jackie Clapperton’s dissertation ‘The feasibility of establishing Emergency Care Practitioners in New Zealand’ includes information about professional registration and regulation under the HPCA Act. Jackie surveyed Advanced Paramedics and other stakeholders on their thoughts on registration. Go to pages 34, 69, 91 and the discussion from page 95 onwards to see what they had to say. Click here to go to Jackie’s dissertation

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act) If you want to read the Act under which the profession of ambulance officers and medics would be regulated, click here

Want to know what the Ministry of Health has to say on the HPCA Act, click here

The question of paramedic registration has been receiving a lot of coverage in Australia and it is useful to go to the website of the profession ACAP and read some of the many submissions that they have produced as well as position statements like this one

Other very useful papers include and and while their submission to the NHHRC Inquiry is also very insightful on regulation and registration - available here

To see what the UK Health Professions Council website looks like click here - this is useful to gauge how the various health professions combine together and how registration is an integral part of that environment.

An interesting paper by Prof Malcolm Woollard from the UK explores the influences on professional behaviours in UK paramedic practice. Click here to read.

Other useful reading

Health Committee (2008) Inquiry into the provision of ambulance services in New Zealand - Wellington: House of Representatives, New Zealand Parliament 

Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (2006) Regulation of Health Professions in Ontario: New Directions - Toronto: Health Professions Advisory Council

Ministry of Commerce (1999) Policy Framework for occupational regulation by government - Wellington: Ministry of Commerce (now Ministry of Economic Development)

Ministry of Health (2009) Review of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 Report to the Minister of Health by the Director General of Health - Wellington: Ministry of Health

National Ambulance Sector Office (b)(2008) New Zealand Ambulance Service Sector: Getting It Done Information Package - Wellington: National Ambulance Sector Office

National Ambulance Service Sector Office (a) (2008) The New Zealand Ambulance Service Strategy - the first line of mobile emergency intervention in the continuum of health care - Wellington: National Ambulance Service Sector Office

Standards New Zealand (2008) Ambulance and Paramedical Standard - 8156 - Wellington: Standards New Zealand

Thomson (2005) Understanding Medical Regulation - a guide to good practice - London: HLPS Consulting