What's the difference between registration and regulation

Regulation is made up of a set of rules which you are required to follow (because they have been set by law) if you are a member of the group to which those rules apply.

Under the HPCA Act a group of people appointed by the Minister of Health makes up the Responsible Authority for a particular professional group. They are responsible for making sure everybody within the professional group complies with these rules. Examples of other professions Responsible Authorities are the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

You are registered when you apply, and are accepted, to become part of the group of people that are covered by those rules because your name is added to a document (known as a register) of people regulated within that professional group.

The register sets out information on all practitioners covered by the Responsible Authority. This includes name, scope of practice, qualifications, and whether they have an Annual Practicing Certificate.

The Act says the register has to be published – in either printed or electronic form.