Ambulance NZ

Our vision

That New Zealanders are supplied with a safe, reliable, efficient and economic ambulance service.

Our Purpose

Is to represent the collective interests and advocate on behalf of the ambulance sector for the provision of safe, reliable and efficient ambulance services.

Our Goals and objectives

In order to achieve this purpose Ambulance New Zealand has identified the following goals:

  1. We will add value to member services and organisations.

  1. We will focus on assisting the ambulance sector in improving patient outcomes.

These goals will be achieved through the implementation of the following objectives:

1.1 To facilitate and promote the development of a national strategy for ambulance service provision that has the support of all stakeholders.

1.2 To provide a forum for members to develop a coherent voice on relevant sector issues.

1.3 To coordinate ambulance sector representation in key matters relating to the provision of ambulance services.

2.1 To facilitate the development and promulgation of best practice in ambulance service provision through the development, implementation, monitoring of accreditation to standards and guidelines.

2.2 To facilitate coordination and collaboration between members to achieve shared objectives.

2.3 To collaborate with other relevant regional and international recognised bodies to advance the interests of the ambulance sector.